US Mags | 15x8 Indy | 1970 Bronco

Posted on April 11, 2014

This truely vintage 1970 "Viva Oly" Baja racer, done by veteran Baja racer John Cole & the guys over at Elite Auto, is a one of a kind.  The custom beadlocked Indy's shown here are original US Mags that have withstood years of abuse in the Baja Desert.  This Bronco features a 2.5" lift and wih original 15x8 Indy Mags wrapped in 33/12.5/15 BFG KM2's.  Look out for "Viva Oly" bronco on the vintage Bronco circuit, along with John's current '69 half cab Bronco build that will feature our new 15x8 Indy's.