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Fuel Dually Cast

Fuel Dually Cast

Maverick Dually Front - D536 10 Lug


Fuel Dually wheels do not need adaptors and are available for stock and lifted applications. 3 rear outer wheels available with offsets for street, mid level lift kit, and large lift kits with wider M/T Tires. Standard 1pc. Maverick with a lip available for front end conversions.

Street - 2.5” spacing for street and A/T tires as wide as 275 mm

Lifted - 3.5” spacing for street and A/T tires 285 - 325 mm wide and 12.50” wide M/T tires.

Extreme - 4.5” spacing for 13.50” wide M/T tires.

Technical Specs

Size BP BP 2 Part Number Finish Bore Offset BSM (in) Cap Num Rating (lb) Weight (lb) Lug Type LipSize (in)
20X8.25 10X225 D5362082A9 Chrome 170.1 105 8.76 1004-62 3000 37 Conical 1.07
20X8.25 10X225 D5362082A935 Chrome 170.1 -202 -3.33 1004-63 2500 46 Conical 6.81