Fuel Offroad | Jeremy McGrath | LOORS 5&6

Posted on June 12, 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

Reno Nevada was the site for Rounds 5 and 6 of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series. “ This is one of the fastest tracks on the circuit. The Pro 2 trucks should be reaching speeds close to 100 mph. This is going to be a fun race!” McGrath said during the track inspection.

The #2 Loctite, Fuel Off-Road, Maxxis truck started the night in the fourth row.  As the green flag flew, the crowd was on their feet as the field piled into turn 1. Trucks were slamming into each other from all directions as the intensity to get to the front quickly was obvious.  McGrath came out of the pile up near the back of the pack. “That was a crazy start! I had so much mud on my lenses I could not see anything!” McGrath said to his spotter over the radio.  


As the race progressed, McGrath managed to work his way from 12th place all the up to 4th.  There were about 5 laps to go when another truck made an aggressive move on the inside right into the front of Jeremy’s truck. The damage from the hit caused electrical issues forcing the truck to temporarily shut down. When the truck refired, McGrath was able to re enter the race and finish in 7th. "This is not the finish I expected tonight, the #2 Loctite, Fuel Off-Road, Maxxis truck felt great tonight and should have very easily been in the top 5.  I know we are getting closer to the Podium and I believe we will be on the box soon," McGrath said. 


Saturday, May 31, 2014


Saturday night Round 6 the stage was set and the Jeremy McGrath Motorsports Team was ready to go after the podium once again. The start of the race was again total mayhem into turn one, but this time McGrath pushed his way closer to the front coming out in Fifth place.  After a caution flag McGrath was in fifth behind Carl Renezeder on the restart.  A huge pile up in turn two collected McGrath, Renezeder, MacCachren, Ampudia and Adler.  The  #2 Loctite, Fuel Off-Road, Maxxis was in last place with some work to do with about 10 laps to go. The yellow flags continued to fly during the race as drivers crashed through banners and rolled over K rails for the next several laps. McGrath kept his cool and picked off a truck each lap to find himself in 4th place on the final lap. With one lap to go McGrath reeled in Robby Woods but was just a truck length short of grabbing a podium finish. 


"McGrath started 7th was in 5th, then back to 15th and then up to 4th. He stayed positive, kept his head down and drove a great race. This was a great experience for everyone at Jeremy McGrath Motorsports and the absolute best the  #2 Loctite, Fuel Off-Road, Maxxis truck has run all year! The team can definitely build on this 4th place finish. We are all excited to take the momentum to Salt Lake City," said Team Manager Lawrence 'Lew" Lewis.


McGrath added, "We are closer again to the front of the pack and it feels good to race with fast drivers. I could not do it without the help of my family, friends and great supports like Loctite, Fuel-Off Road and Maxxis Tires.  I really appreciate the help and will keep pushing for the win." 


The Jeremy McGrath Motorsports Loctite Fuel Off-Road Maxxis team will head north to Salt Lake City for rounds 7 and 8 June 21-22.