Electrifying Stüttgart's

Posted on September 30, 2013

Many Tesla owners are skeptical about aftermarket wheels on their new highly advanced Tesla's but we have set out to put their minds at ease.  We replaced the stock wheels with a set of one piece forged Niche T70 Stüttgart wheels finished with a brushed face and hi-luster polished windows.  These forged Mono-Tec wheels not only enhance the look of this already stunning machine, they save weight and ultimately increase performance.  The Tesla Model S P85+ is equiped with 21x8.5 inch front wheels (34 lbs.) and 21x9 inch rear wheels (36.4 lbs.).  Once replaced with the T70 Stüttgarts, 21x9's in the front and 21x10.5's in the rear, weighing in at 22.4 lbs. and 23.4 lbs respectively, we saved this Tesla a total of 49.2 lbs.